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Woman Teaching Church Class - InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living - Orange County, CA



InSpirit offers a variety of classes and workshops to enrich our spiritual experience, deepen our understanding of the principles that we teach and provides a way to connect with others in a more meaningful way. Some examples of recent or future scheduled classes are listed below.

We also offer other accredited and short classes / workshops throughout the year. Check the weekly bulletins or our Calendar of Events page, or contact the InSpirit office for the most current schedules and prices.

People in Class - InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living - Orange County, CA

The Foundations of Science of Mind

A 10 week accredited class that provides the foundation of our teaching. It introduces the basics of the Science of Mind textbook as well as Meditation, Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer), Visioning and other universal spiritual principles and practices.

Treatment & Meditation

A 10 week accredited class that helps attendees develop a regular meditation practice.

Bible Wisdom

An 8 week accredited class that delves into the metaphysical interpretation of bible wisdom, using the parables of Jesus of Nazareth.

Essential Ernest Holmes

A 10 week class based on Dr. Ernest Holmes’ book, What We Believe.


It has been said – with some truth – that Science of Mind is a “thinking person’s religion.” Most of us in this teaching came to it as adults after working our way through other religious teachings that for whatever reason we found unsatisfactory. Science of Mind answered a lot of the “big” questions for us, such as why we are here, what all this means, and how we can live our lives to the fullest.

We get a taste of this teaching every Sunday as we listen to the minister’s inspired message and relate to each other during the social hour after the service. However, our understanding of this teaching, and especially our ability to practice it, is limited if we don’t permit ourselves the opportunity to participate in one of the many classes that are offered at the Center. In the classes an individual develops an in depth understanding of Science of Mind concepts and an opportunity to hear from others how these teachings can be used to better their lives and fulfill their potential. In addition, meaningful bonds and friendships with other students are formed.

I am fond of using the analogy of an appetizer for what one receives from the Sunday message. To get the benefit of an entire meal one needs to come to a class. Why not give yourself the gift of a Science of Mind class this year? Not only will you be glad you did but it could just change your life.

— Rev. Roger Juline, D.D.

"Education is the process of enabling a person to discover their own uniqueness, to teach them how to develop and express it, and to prepare them to contribute their own special something to the world."
- Ernest Holmes
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