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Asleep to the World – Barbara Taylor

Updated: Jun 4

Asleep to the World – Barbara Taylor

Today’s reading is from Rumi, the 13th century mystic

EVERY night Thou dost free our spirits from the body’s snare and erase all Impressions on the tablets (of memory).

Our spirits are set free every night from this cage. They are done with audience and talk and tale.

At night, prisoners forget their prison. At night, governors forget their power. There is no sorrow, no thought of gain or loss, no idea of this person or that person.

Such is the state of the mystic, even when he is not asleep.

God saith, “Thou wouldst deem them awake whilst they slept.”

He is asleep, day and night, to the affairs of this world, like a pen in the hand of the Lord.

God hath shown forth some part of his state, inasmuch as the vulgar too are carried away by sleep·

Their spurts gone into the Wilderness that is beyond words.

Their souls and bodies at rest.

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