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Claim Your Faith - Robyn Mosman

Claim Your Faith – Robyn Mosman

What does it mean to have faith? In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes says: “in order to have faith, we must have a conviction that all is well.” Before I discovered the philosophy of Religious Science, I longed for something to have faith in; for a spiritual belief system to fill the void in my soul and comfort my fears. I had mistakenly believed that I must be a member of a particular religion before I could develop faith, so I set out to find my spiritual home. Discovering that I “need not go in search of [faith] because it is already where [I am]” and all I need to do was claim it, was like coming home after a long journey. Learning also that faith is not an all or nothing deal — that I wouldn’t lose it if I don’t constantly use it — felt like unloading a heavy burden I’d carried on that journey. Faith forgives us for being human, and for sometimes forgetting our spiritual perfection. Faith is loyal to us even when we believe it has been shaken or disappeared completely. Faith is always standing ready for us to reclaim it. And when we do, faith meets us right where we are; accessible to us in exactly the way we need it to be. What a comfort to know that when life seems overwhelming, all I need do is let go and let Spirit work through me as me, and allow my faith to make me whole. And so it is.

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