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Clearing a Path for God – Barbara Taylor, RScP

Updated: Jun 4

Clearing a Path for God – Barbara Taylor, RScP

From Royal L. Craig in the book Whispers Beyond the Edge: Glimpses of the Beloved

Again and again, the mystic turns to the meaning of life. We would probably understand it better if we could get out of own way. A great Teacher once said, “You are blocking your own way, standing in the doorway you are trying to go through.” The mystics say “Let go and let God.”

The Pilgrim

The ancient pilgrim, world encrusted,

wearying of sojourn and desperate

for release, turns to visions of the Father

fashioned in the mind while the

true form resides in his heart

like a stranger in the night

full of light and beauty

waiting for discovery.

If only the wedge of the world

were moved, the door would open

and the wayfarer would discover

the journey, by fulfilling which,

he would rise closer to his true nature

and discover that he is simply

a miniature of the Beloved

being drawn irresistibly Home!

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