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Elevate the Question – Barbara Taylor, RScP

Updated: Jun 4

Elevate the Question – Barbara Taylor, RScP

Rumi says, “I have passed beyond all thoughts”

At times, my state resembles sleep. A misguided person may think it is sleep.

Know that my eyes are asleep; my heart is awake. Know that my inactive form is in action.

The Prophet said, “My eyes sleep; my heart is not asleep to the Lord of created beings.”

Your eyes are awake and your heart is sunk in slumber. My eyes are asleep, my heart is in the opening of the door.

My heart hath five senses other (than the physical): both the worlds (external and spiritual) are the stage for the senses of the heart.

Do not regard me from your infirmity. To you, ’tis night; to me, that same night is morningtide.

To you, ’tis prison; to me, that prison is like a garden. To me, the most absolute state of occupation has become freedom.

Your feet are in the mud; to me, the mud has become roses. You have mourning; I have feasting and drums.

While I am dwelling with you in some place on the Earth, I am coursing over the seventh sphere of Heaven. . . .

’Tis not that I am seated beside you; ’tis my shadow. My rank is higher than (the reach of) thoughts,

Because I have passed beyond (all) thoughts and have become a swift traveler outside thought.

I am the ruler of thought, not ruled (by it), because the builder is ruler over the building. . . .

In the view of him that has not experienced, this is pretension. In the view of the inhabitants of the (spiritual) horizon, this is the reality.

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