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Path to Enlightenment – D. Douglas Irby

Updated: Jun 4

Path to Enlightenment – D. Douglas Irby

Path to Enlightenment

By D. Douglas Irby

Let not your goal in life

to be better than another,

for the quality of another

is merely a subjective judgment.

Those who truly wish to

achieve knowledge and refinement

must strive only to surpass

their shadows of yesterday.

In life’s race, it is not

important to leave

others behind.

It only matters that

you endeavor to do

your very best

in all things.

For the path to


is not a competition

against your opponents.

It is the partnership of

heart, soul, mind

and will…

Working in unity

to achieve lasting harmony.

Copyright © D. Douglas Irby, posted with permission of author. His book of poems Reflections of Eternity: Poetry by David Douglas Irby is available on Amazon.

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