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The Greatest Freedom – Susan Robertson

Updated: Jun 4

The Greatest Freedom – Susan Robertson

Freedom is defined by Webster as the quality or state of being free. It is Liberation. Freedom is understood as either having the ability to act or change without constraint or to possess the power and resources to fulfill one’s purposes.

Ernest Holmes states: “We believe the ultimate goal of life to be at complete freedom from all discord of every nature, and that this goal is sure to be attained by all. O Soul of mine, look out and see, look up and know your freedom. Be not cast down nor dismayed; be uplifted and exult, for your Salvation has come. Behold the wonders of the Great Whole and the marvels of the Universe. Look out and see your good. It is not afar off, but is at hand. Prepare yourself to accept and believe; to know and live. Let Life enter and live through you, and rejoice that you are FREE. True freedom – true liberty – has something cosmic behind it. The idea of freedom itself is tied up with the true concept of the unity of good. If our nature is one, if God is one – and we know that God must be one, – then we are one with God. In union with the beloved. We shall have to get back to this unity to find the meaning of freedom. True liberty must spring from true unity. The only real prison is Fear and the only real freedom is freedom from Fear. Yes, I know that Truth has freed me from the bonds of fear. I am not afraid. Most High within me; I trust in Thee and abide in that hope that I; I am a Free Spirit and cannot be bound. The One Life flowing through me is Perfect and Complete. I am not apart from It. I am One with It in Marvelous Unity and Freedom; One with the Complete Whole. I was born free and must always remain free. The realization of freedom permeates my whole being and sinks into the innermost parts of me. Love shines and points the way to freedom. I know that there is One Power, and I know that this Power now protects me. As Perfect Love casts out all fear, so my fear flees before the knowledge of Truth. There is no bondage nor limitation. Every part of me moves in perfect harmony and freedom. I cannot be tied, bound nor constrained, for am Free Spirit, and the Power f my Life is from on High. I speak the Word of freedom to all, and all shall receive it. I am free.

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