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The Power of Persistence – Pam Cosby Brandman, RScP

The Power of Persistence – Pam Cosby Brandman, RScP

Persistence begins with the courage to choose a destination and begin our journey. Ideally, we listen to the voice of God within, our Inner Guide, as we choose our path.

In his book, This Thing Called Life, Ernest Holmes writes,

“The Law of Life is a law of mind, of Spirit, or thought. You may call it a law of cause and effect….The Law of Life says that whatever you mentally affirm, and, at the same time, become inwardly aware of, Life will create for you.

You can use this Law for yourself or others by merely directing it. Your intention, direction and recognition of this Power operating through a certain individual or situation, causes It to manifest there rather than somewhere else.

Power must be power to something; … consciousness must be conscious of something.” … For example, it is because an electrician “knows there is enough electric energy to light the building that he {then} wires the building and connects it with the power station. When you are seeking to help someone else you are not the power station; you are not the wires; you are not the energy, but you are using it for definite purposes.” (Excerpts from This Thing Called Life, pp 42-43)

To apply these ideas from Dr. Holmes and most effectively use this Power for good that is greater than us, we first recognize that God is all there is, that we are completely One with God, and then direct that Power. We listen to our Inner Guide as we select our destination. We let go of the can’ts and should’s, of self-doubt and fear of the unknown, and embrace the infinite possibilities of good in our lives and the world. With faith in the Law of Life, we courageously and confidently set out on our journey. We let go and let God create the path to our destination, to manifest our dream. With persistent dedication, clear vision and trust in God as our source, we attract to ourselves the wisdom, the companions, the opportunities, and all the resources we need to support us on our journey.

The journey evolves us, heals us, empowers us, grows us beyond who we were when we started. Persistently we move forward around the next bend and over the next hill. Any rocks in the road or detours are only temporary challenges on the journey that direct us inward, to the Inner Guidance of God within us. We are never alone. With persistence we emerge from the detour retooled, wiser, fearless and rejuvenated, ready for the next adventure on our journey forward. Our vision encompasses even more of the Infinite possibilities. This is faith and trust. This is peace. This is joy and bliss. This is living the life that calls us forward with all Its fullness and goodness. This is the power of persistence in the journey of life.

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