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Your Kingdom, My Kingdom, Our Kingdom is not of This World – Rev. Bill Salisbury

Einstein said we cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking that created the problem. All problems are the product of human thoughts and human action, in God there are no problems. When we live and move and have our being in the Kingdom of God there is nothing that has power over us; there is nothing that can occur on the physical plane that can harm us in any way shape or form when we truly know our essence to be of Spirit. Even if events on this plane take our human life we are still not harmed in Truth, in fact those events can be seen as necessary steps on our spiritual path. We are here by Divine appointment – and “here” is everywhere, in every moment. All things of this world are temporal; consequently they have both a beginning date and an end date. With the realization of our real existence being that very essence that we are in God’s Kingdom, and knowing that at all times and in all events we are divinely protected, fear is completely removed from our senses. Human life is replete with fear and its consequences. When we can walk in this world without being subject to that fear because we know we are not of this world and its thinking but that we live in God, in the Kingdom, we are empowered beyond measure, and the mundane is replaced by the sacred.

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